Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning


P1 Group’s Commissioning Services provide an important quality assurance benefit to customers as well as a comprehensive way to protect their investment in their buildings.

Commissioning is an efficient process of ensuring systems are designed, installed, inspected and functionally tested. It also shows whether they are capable of being operated and maintained to perform according to the design intent. The process includes planning, design, construction, startup, acceptance and operational training.

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for improving and optimizing a building’s operations and maintenance. Its focus is on energy-using equipment such as mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls. The retro-commissioning process most often focuses on the dynamic energy-using systems with the goal of reducing energy waste, obtaining energy cost savings and identifying and fixing existing problems.



  • Reduced construction costs
  • Fewer change orders and construction delays
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased property value


  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Properly operating systems
  • Fewer occupant complaints
  • Complete training on all systems


  • Safer building environment
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Comfortable working environment

P1 Group’s commissioning and retro-commissioning services ensure the owner’s operational needs are met, building systems perform as designed, and building operators are properly trained.

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Stowers Institute of Medical Research
KU Medical Center
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Saint Luke’s Health Systems
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Heartland Spine and Specialty
Johnson County
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Menorah Hospital
Midwest Research Institute
Netlson-Atkins Museum of Art
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