Safety Training

OSHA-required safety training sessions for all field employees take place every other month and are conducted by the safety department. These training sessions are conducted in our offices or on the job site in our 36-foot Wells Cargo gooseneck trailer equipped with climate control, on-board generator, and all necessary audio/video equipment.

Outside of these required classes, P1 Group also provides training on other topics that are helpful in the field.

Field foremen are also trained annually in CPR and every other year in First Aid.

After every class, each field employee receives an employee card, which lists all the training courses they have completed and the date of completion. These cards are kept with them at all times.


P1 Group’s Safety Department has employed a teaching tool called E-Instruction. This interactive device improves retention by providing immediate results. Everybody in a training session is given their own remote control (pictured here). During the session, the presenter will ask questions, which will appear on the large screen in front. Each person enters an answer, and results, which are anonymous to everybody but the presenter, are flashed immediately on the screen. With this instant feedback, the presenter knows whether the information is understood or if more time should be devoted to the subject.