P1 Group, Inc. today is a single corporation; however, before the consolidation in 2007, P1 Group was a holding company for five separate operating entities. Each of these operating companies brought special expertise that now makes P1 Group one of the most diverse and well-rounded organizations in the industry. From complete design-build construction projects to preventive maintenance contracts, P1 Group has become the MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) specialists for any type of commercial or industrial facility assignment.

The founding companies of P1 Group:

  • AD Jacobson Company | Founded in 1919 | mechanical and plumbing construction
  • Huxtable & Associates | Founded in 1927 | MEP construction
  • U.S. Electrical | Founded in 1955 | electrical construction
  • Huxtable LT | Founded in 1985 | MEP service
  • ADJ-HUX | Founded in 1993 | MEP service and commissioning

Among the benefits of a consolidated P1 Group are the combined resources made available throughout the company. P1 Group has substantial resources for improved facilities, safety training and equipment, project management systems, human resources, information technology systems, as well as greater financial strength and improved insurance programs. With one program in particular, project managers and technicians have the ability to remotely log-in to the project management and accounting software from anywhere at any time. Once logged-in, they can access real-time information about a project. Integrated with accounting, this software allows P1 Group to efficiently manage budgets, schedules, etc. Additionally, Human Resources is linked into the software in order to gather the information needed for that department. The end result is accurate and timely reporting throughout the company.

P1 Group Name & Slogan

By 2000, the leaders of our holding company had determined that the organization would benefit from a name change that would better represent all the operating companies as a single brand.

The following year in 2001, the name P1 Group was born. “P1” literally means the “power of one,” which was derived from the company’s newly formed slogan, “The expertise of many. The power of one.”

The name and slogan represented the collective identity of a group of companies that communicated the single-source premise of providing all contracting services from start to finish. Of course, today, all of those original operating companies have consolidated under a single name, but the slogan remains both as a reminder of our company’s heritage and as a testament to our philosophy.